More Drive ON! Programs


Physical limitations may limit an individual's ability to ride in a vehicle as a passenger. Adaptive equipment and vehicle modification recommendations are provided following a thorough evaluation.


The goal of the program is to assist the older driver who may have concerns about fitness to drive to address deficits before a full assessment is required. A driving screen and lessons are provided to promote driving longevity and safe driving. Refresher of road rules, person-vehicle fit, and operation of the vehicle are addressed.

Typically this program would be offered in small group format at different times throughout the year but can be adapted to meet an individual's needs.


Driving, an activity linked to an individual's sense of freedom and self-worth, is hard to give up easily or voluntarily. The impact of retiring from driving can affect an individual as well as his/her family and friends. The Occupational Therapist can help identify if and when an individual should retire from driving, assist in developing a transportation plan and source out community based resources. This intervention may be needed for at risk drivers or those people who are not successful in meeting the requirements for safe driving following a functional driver assessment.